* L U D I N G T O N   H I G H   S C H O O L*

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$50 until SUNDAY, March 1, 2015
and last chance for personalization (name in foil & icons)

This is the only organized, colored collection of last year's high school stories, mugshots, and photographs captured in a colorful hard copy edition that will regenerate infinite memories long after you graduate.  

Order forms were received during homeroom and are available on the board outside of the Athletic Office, High School Office, Yearbook Headquarters-Room 310, OR order online here . . .



We want your pictures! 
Upload your photos here.
see photo requirements below

For 2015, Third Trimester . . .
Becoming a Guardian of Memories is an honor and position that holds the utmost appreciation and respect.  There is no better feeling than knowing that you did something for another, that no one else could do. Yearbook Publishing is more than just a class to learn content information and obtain knowledge in the regular classroom setting.  It's a real life business application; one that holds the greatest of respect and gratitude.  Anyone wishing to work for or own a business should consider joining us for a remarkable experience.
Building your resume
You're going to need experience, skills and tools above all others; this will help you do that!
Besides, no other course will ever create something that will be used as much as the item produced by this class.   Preserving memories is tricky business :)


 Don't Stop,
Keep Reading . . . details follow . . .

OLDER LHS Yearbooks are available
at the high school library during normal hours of operation.
Give us a call and see if we have what you're looking for!
(231)845-7303 and ask for the HS Library.  
Oriole Special
Lowest price of the Year
$40 until FRIDAY, October 24, 2014
Students may earn money using our fundraising event to go towards the cost of their yearbook,
including additional accessories by participating in our CLUBS CHOICE fundraiser. Same as previous years . . . frozen pizza kits, fudge, candy, cookie dough, wrapping paper, calendars, and novelty items.
This fundraiser will not occur until the last week of October and may be applied to all
other OFFERS (Oriole Special is excluded).

That Senior Portrait and Baby Picture

                           are due ON or BEFORE December FIRST . . .


when you were in grade school or had a birthday party or a field trip that many of you are
pictured together and want to share that in the yearbook,we'd like to create a "Back in the Day" page, and share it with others on there.

Send along an email with a list of the people in the photo. 
Not all photographs can be salvaged/fixed if sent to us at a low resolution qualities
or the size is too small to enlarge.

The photo should be taken with at least a 12 megapixel camera or smart phone.  Pictures taken from other devices normally will not work.  The quality of pictures shared from Facebook are unreliable, due to the procedures for photo sharing, used on their web site.

 An image should be in a jpg format, 300 or higher ppi resolution, larger than 2"x3", and smaller than 8"x10". Images taken from Facebook, downloads automatically with lower resolution and quality. Those pictures would not be our first choice. Pictures taken from long distances cannot be zoomed in and still maintain detail and quality.

 Emailing any of them, provides us with the best quality,
but you can bring in old photos, too.


If you have any questions, please contact
Mrs. Tomaski at Yearbook Headquarters
(231)845-7303 or
updated 2/10/15