Facilities Assessment

Transformation Think Tank and 21st Century Education

Mission: To make well vetted, curriculum aligned, sustainable recommendations to the administrative team, based on sound practices to transform student learning in Ludington Area Schools.

Goals: The Transformation Think Tank Committee will analyze current and innovative teaching and learning practices, current and innovative learning and work facilities, as well as trends and directions of education and the labor force to establish specific going forward transformational changes to implement in Ludington Area Schools. This will lead to the development of a master facilities plan that will address the outcomes of the Think Tank Process.

You may access all committee meeting agendas, meeting notes and committee feedback, site visit pictures, research and driving questions, and the group's discussion forum by visiting the following web page: http://bit.ly/lasdthinksite.

After completing a site visit to the Learning and Innovation Center at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, the Transformation Think Tank Committee learned about classroom and space design, and how these elements impact student engagement and learning. The following links provide studies that are grounded in research based 21st century education strategies:

After completing site visits to many notably successful school districts, the Transformation Think Tank created the following list of priorities to be considered by LASD:

2018 Master Facilities Assessment: GMB Architecture and Engineering and The Christman Company

The five (5) year Strategic Plan that was adopted by the Board of Education on January 19, 2015 called for the creation of a committee of administrators, teachers, other school personnel, and community members to develop a long term facilities plan through consultation with a construction management company and an architect and engineer. This plan also called for the development of a facilities improvement plan that evaluates the cost effectiveness of upgrading existing facilities vs. new construction. Due to the size of the document, you may view the facilities assessment in four (4) separate parts below. The assessment was developed by GMB Architecture and Engineering, in partnership with The Christman Company, and was provided at no cost to the District.

Presentations to the Community and Board of Education

Upcoming Community Forum Feedback Meetings

  • September 25, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Ludington High School Library/Media Center