Co-curricular Programs

Co-Curricular Groups
Middle school-aged students want opportunities to be recognized, develop skills and talents and give back to their community in meaningful ways.  In the spirit of providing enriching learning experiences outside the normal school day, we have created some co-curricular clubs for students and aspire to add more in the near future.  At present, we have the following groups that all students are welcome to join:

Business Professionals of America (BPA):  our BPA group is the first middle level chapter in the state of Michigan!  Led by LHS BPA Advisor Melanie Tomaski, OJ BPA members develop and hone skills in leadership, organization, communication, service and professionalism.  Many of their activities and projects center on building career-related skills, providing valuable experiences for the student body and serving both school and the greater Ludington community.

Drama Club:  led by Advisor Kathy Hansen, a local actress, students develop and sharpen their acting skills!  The Drama Club is organized as a theater workshop, emphasizing the six C’s of acting: creativity, courage, cooperation, commitment, concentration and compassion.  As the drama club students gain experience and hone their skills, they perform skits for younger students geared toward both entertaining and teaching lessons about key topics, such as bullying, conflict resolution, or even healthy eating and exercise habits.

Service Club:  led by Advisors Amy Marsh and Erika Etchison, with the support of additional staff members, the Service Club seeks to inspire middle school students to serve members of their community in their time of need.  The club has relationships with some community organizations, including Oaktree Academy, Oakview Medical Care Facility and the LASD Teen Resource Center.  Our SC members are enthusiastic about working with all ages, and are willing to do what it takes to make others' lives easier and more enjoyable.