District Return to School Planning

Message from Superintendent Kennedy (June 17, 2020):

Please click on the link below to access a communication from Superintendent Kennedy on the press conference held by Governor Whitmer to update the State on the development of a return to school plan in the fall. The Governor outlined generalities for a return to school that will be addressed through Executive Order. It is expected that this Executive Order, along with a roadmap and minimum requirements for schools to return to in-person instruction in the fall, will be provided to schools on or about June 30, 2020.

Message from Superintendent Kennedy (May 18, 2020)

Please click on the link below to access a letter from Superintendent Kennedy to the community regarding the planning process for a return to school in the fall 2020.

District Return to School Meeting Documents

Documents from each of the District Return to School Task Force meetings have been uploaded to the District's website below so that the community can see the process that the District has worked through to develop plans for returning to school in the fall.

District Return to School Parent Survey Results

The District issued a survey to its parent to collect feedback and guidance related to the development of the District's return to school plans for the fall of 2020. 

Thank you to all of the 702 respondents that participated in the Ludington Area Schools Return to School parent survey. These 702 respondents represented 1,256 of the District's students (approximately 58%). The results of the parent survey have been valuable to the District's Return to School Task Force in the development of our District's plans, and the District appreciates the time that its parents took in completing this survey.

The District will use this information to develop its return to school learning plans for the fall, while aligning the plans that it develops to the required minimum standards that will be provided to Districts on June 30, 2020 by the State of Michigan and the Governor's Return to School Advisory Council.

District Return to School Planning Documents (Coming Soon)