Ludington Area Schools has signed up for myNutratek, which is a web based program to help students and adults make healthier lifestyle changes. If you want to start eating healthier or start a exercise program this is the sight to help track all your progress. Take a few moments to check out this website. I am sure you will see all the benefits to myNutratek.

Welcome to myNutratek! Thank you for being a part of an organization whose goal is to help make the health and wellness of those who mean the most to you better. myNutratek is a community oriented program that allows students and adults to keep track of almost everything related to their health on a daily basis. Because the software is data driven, it can be used to record valuable information such as calories consumed, exercise, and the amount of sleep one gets at night.
myNutratek is a family friendly program that will not only enrich the health and well-being of students, parents, faculty and the community, but be a fun and safe environment on the web.  As our mission statement says, we want to engage school districts and their communities to foster their educational opportunities, which in turn supports healthy behaviors and reduces the cost of health care expenditures

To register with myNutratek:

First, visit and on the right hand side, select the school district you are a part of and click on the "go" button. A new window should appear containing the school district portal that you selected. From there, click on the “register” button which appears on the right hand side underneath the district logo banner.
The myNutratek software makes registration easy. Select whether you’re a parent or staff member registering for yourself or for a student. Select your school and click “Next.” Then, complete the necessary registration info on the next page to setup your user name and password and hit submit! It’s that easy.
After you register and login, myNutratek’s powerful software is all available for your use. Direct your mouse to the header of the page and see all of the options we offer to help you or your student keep track of their daily health and wellness.


The myHealth page is your one stop shop to all things regarding your health.  myHealth offers eight different pages to track and record your habits.

myCafeteria: Here, your student can not only see their lunch menu for the day but interact with it, dragging and dropping each item they ate at school that day onto their virtual plate that tells them everything they need to know about their intake. Each food has every USDA certified value listed, such as saturated fat, sugar, and vitamin A.

myMeals: This program is a powerful meal and menu planning tool that allows you to create your own menus and keep track of foods you ate by searching by food, grocer, or restaurant .

myActivity: Here you can record almost any kind of activity in five easy steps including duration of activity and a journal to write down thoughts about the activity.

myCalories: This page calculates how many calories are needed depending on your activity level for the day and also tells you what your daily water intake should be.

myBMI: Here, you can use our site’s built in BMI calculator to record and view your body mass index.

myThoughts: This is an extremely popular and innovative tool that allows users to record their thoughts on a given day. After selecting the date, our software lets you pick your mood for the day, such as excited, scared, or sad, with numerous other emotions to select. Then enter your stress level and mood level, which is rated on a scale of 1-10. You can also enter additional thoughts into a dairy that can be saved and viewed at any time.

mySleep: mySleep lets you enter in the amount of sleep obtained the night before and view past sleep habits in a journal.


This page provides printable and exportable data from both the myHealth and myThoughts site. These reports are date customizable and shows every data entry in a user-friendly report. Reports can also be exported to Microsoft Excel. myReport Card is a family friendly progress report that shows how many minutes were spent on each part of the website.
We also offer other features on the site such as myPlayground, which has numerous different games students and adults of all ages can enjoy, and myQuizzes, which has eight quizzes that students from across all grade levels can take and learn from!
Again, we thank you for participating in a program that’s main goal is to help engage students about the wonders of a healthy lifestyle. We hope that our quest to create a healthier home and school environment can change the way health trends are going in our country and the world.
Please contact the myNutratek team if you have questions about our online program or if you need technical assistance in registering. We can be reached at