Post May 2019 Election Bond Information

The District is extremely humbled by the support of the voters in our school community. The District has worked hard to develop a plan to create safer and modern schools, while also ensuring that classroom spaces and learning environments are age-appropriate, and integrated with technology, flexible furniture, and space design to support our educators and the inspiration of 21st-century learning skills and competencies in our students. We are appreciative of the community’s support. Please use this page to stay informed about the progress being made on the 2019 Bond Project by clicking on the expandable content blocks below.

Land and Building Site Survey Process and Results

On Monday, June 24, 2019, the Board of Education awarded contracts to the following surveying and engineering firms to complete the required land and building site surveys: Driesenga & Associates (Oriole Field, Foster Elementary School, and Lakeview Elementary School), Nordlund & Associates (Secondary Complex - MS/HS), and Spicer Group (New Elementary Site).

The Board awarded contracts to the lowest qualified bidder, and is pleased to have been able to offer contracts to local surveying companies as a part of the bid award.

Forester Site Summary and Recommendations

Ludington Area Schools is working to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan in consultation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through a Forest Stewardship Program Outreach and Education Projects Grant Application that it will be submitting to the Department.  It is the District's hope that a comprehensive stewardship plan will be developed to maintain the District's forest property as educational space, while also implementing forestry management practices that preserve the health and well-being of the District's forested property ecosystem.

To that end, the District is also working with an outreach forester to be provided with recommendations to best handle the management of the forested property that will be cleared to make room for the elementary school complex. The forestry site summary and the forester's recommendations are found below: 

Geotechnical Services / Soil Boring Proposals

The District requested proposals for soil borings and geotechnical services on the new elementary site and received two (2) proposals to complete this work. The District requested a soil exploration study in preparation for the construction of the new building. The study was to include: Five (5) soil borings to a depth of twenty (20) feet in the new building area, and seventeen (17) borings to a depth of ten (10) feet in pavement areas, resulting in approximately 270 linear feet of drilling.

The proposals received by the District are outlined below:

Schematic Design Phase