May 25, 2022

Investigation of threat on Tuesday, May 24

Dear LASD Parents and Community:

Late last night, an anonymous Facebook post said that a threat was reported to the administration of Ludington High School, that the administration did nothing in response, and the student who made the threat was allowed to come to school today. This is not correct.

Yesterday, an alarming statement was overheard in the boys bathroom. This was brought to the attention of administration who identified the student and began an investigation. Law enforcement was contacted immediately. The student’s parents were contacted and, out of an abundance of caution, were asked to keep the student home until the investigation was completed. At this time, we would not consider the statements a credible threat.

Unfortunately, LASD and schools across the country are receiving reported threats periodically. We appreciate all students and staff who say something when they see something. However, each one of these reported threats are not shared with parents and community when they are not identified as being credible. Each time, law enforcement is contacted and a thorough investigation and threat assessment are conducted and students are kept home until it is completed.

The tragic events of a school shooting in Texas and the devastating events at Oxford, Michigan earlier this year has everyone, including us, on heightened alert. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families affected. We treat every reported threat seriously to ensure that our students are safe.


Dr. Kyle Corlett

Superintendent of Schools

Ludington Area School District