Counseling Resources

Web Sites for High School Career Counseling

Inventories and Free Self Assessments

The Career Key
One of the many helpful features of this site is the self-assessment tool provided based on Holland’s six personality types. This site, sponsored by the North Carolina State University School of Education, is an excellent all around career counseling resource. It also provides the Occupational Outlook Handbook information for each suggested career.

Kirsey Temperament Sorter
An online version of the famous Kirsey Temperament Sorter. Although the user may choose to purchase the full description of his or her personality type, the free, abbreviated version provides an adequate profile to use along with other career assessment tools.

“What is your medieval vocational personality?”  This site provides a lighthearted approach to personality typing as a career decision-making tool, but the composite profile offered at the end may provide serious career considerations.

Career Development Manual
A variety of useful, online tools to do self-assessment, including exploring personality and attitude, skills and traits, style, values, and interests.

Discovery and Exploration
An excellent guide & assessment for career choices ad college selections
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A step by step process of career decision making is outlined with excellent links to career planning and exploration resources along the way. 

Links to Popular Career Info Web Sites
A composite list of the most popular job and career web sites., Salary Surveys, and America’s Career Infonet represent a sampling from this site filled with handy hyper-links. Students may use this to explore the nature and rewards of a variety of careers.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Occupational Outlook Handbook  provides descriptions and information on the qualifications necessary for various careers.

Education and Training Information

Community Colleges and Institutions with Two Year Programs
This lists “regionally accredited community colleges in the U.S. and provides links to those with a Web presence.”  This site does not provide information on four-year programs, only two-year programs.

General College Information
This offers information on how to choose a school, prepare for admission tests, write applications, and obtain finances.  Allowing students to maintain and build personal profiles, which they may organize, and continue to access is a perk.   

Find a Program
Search by state or career interests to find institutions offering the career training or education you desire.

Career Resources for Diverse Populations
This is the America Career Infonet link to pages servicing specific populations such as the disabled, women, and people of color.