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Technology Help Flowchart

1. Locate the "help" feature in the program you are having issues with.

2. Do a Google search. Search the name of the program and the problem you are having.

3. Ask a friend or building Technology Coach for assistance. 

4. Submit a SchoolDude request here.


Online Program Support                                                                              

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Technology Coaching

Ludington Area School DIstrict provides technology coaching with Carrie Moeggenberg and Peter Grostic. Technology coaches are able to meet with staff during prep time, before, or after school to help with iPad integration, or other classroom technology integration help.  Even if there is not a specific question or need, sign up for coaching to discover ways that technology can enhance your instruction.  Please click on the image below to sign up.  

Certus by CBD

Peter Grostic, with CBD, is available for 7 shoulder to shoulder sessions throughout the year.  He will also be in the district for 20 days to facilitate Modeling Workshop sessions. .  Carrie Moeggenberg is available Monday-Friday for shoulder-to-shoulder coaching, however she will be stationed in various buildings throughout the week unless she has been signed out for coaching or called to another building to resolve technology issues.  Her building schedule is as follows: 

Monday - Foster Elementary
Tuesday - High School
Wednesday - Middle School
Thursday - Franklin Elementary
Friday - Lakeview Elementary

The Instructional Transformation Matrix, developed by CBD Consulting and adapted from the TIM created by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students. Click on the image below to learn more about the various levels of integration. 

Instructional Transformation Matrix

"How To" Guides for Canvas & Google Apps

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Other Guides:    

How to find your IP address on your Macbook
How to use Reflector 2 to mirror your iPad
What do I do if?..... User Guide
How to post YouTube videos in Canvas,
Edmodo, or Google Drive

QR Reader in the classroom - ScanLife App
Backing up Notability to Google Drive
iMovie Trailer Templates to print
Book Creator User Guide
Notability How-to Videos
Explain Everything How-to Videos
Edmodo Advanced Guide
Edmodo Beginner Guide
EdPuzzle User Guide
How to upload My Story into Edmodo
Notability User Guide
Seesaw User Guide iPad Troubleshooting Guide










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App Reviews                                                                                   

Common Sense Media app reviews

K-5 iPad apps according to Bloom's Taxonomy

5-12 iPad apps according to Bloom's Taxonomy

App Scoring Rubric

AppsGoneFree - Every day, hundreds of apps reduce their price to free for a limited time. 



Technology Director

Andy Klevorn

Instructional Technology Coach

Carrie Moeggenberg

Computer Technician

Jen Collins