Franklin Programs and Services


  • Franklin Elementary PTC & Family Nights are activity nights offered during the school year. They are centered around the curriculum areas of reading and math with technology incorporated as well. Families are treated to theme-related refreshments, and they discover new ways to practice skills and help their students keep learning while at home.
  • The PTC is a representative group of parents, teachers, and interested community members volunteer a tremendous amount of time and energy to help make Franklin Elementary the best that it can be for our children. This supportive group sponsors a variety of activities to provide extra materials for the classrooms and playground and funded special assemblies.  They also organize and run the Scholastic Book Fair twice a year during parent/teacher conference times.
  • Franklin School conducts Mission Mondays each week.  During Mission Mondays, classroom teachers facilitate a classroom meeting focused on a theme of the week.  The overarching theme of the year is RESPECT.  Each month will focus on different ways our Little O's can demonstrate respect.  Ask your child about their weekly mission and whether their mission was accomplished!
  • Shining Readers is a school-wide strategy to encourage students to enjoy reading.  Every two weeks, students are chosen from each classroom to showcase a favorite book. Students share why they were chosen by filling out a special book report that gets posted on our "Shining Readers" bulletin board. Students will receive a book as a prize. .
  • Citizen of the Month award celebrates students from each class who are nominated for showing outstanding safety, respect, and responsibility throughout Franklin Elementary.  These students are announced and honored during our monthly assemblies.
  • Franklin's Title-I Program provides supplementary instruction to first and second grade students who are at risk of not meeting district core academic curriculum standards in reading.  Small groups of students meet daily for thirty minutes of targeted instruction in reading strategies to build independent, life-long readers.  Support for parents encouraging their young readers is provided as we work together toward student success in the area of literacy.
  • Math Lab is a program designed to help children achieve success in math.  Math Lab promotes curriculum goals in a small group setting.  Skills are taught through games and other fun activities.  
  • Special education programs are available for students with special needs.  The Resource Program offers students with greater needs the opportunity to spend part of the day in a classroom setting with fewer students where they receive small group instruction in reading, writing, and math. 
  • Our staff includes one special positions funded through state aid at-risk money to help bridge the gap between home and school, building links to both our school and other community agencies.  Small educational groups study areas such as anger management, divorce, friendship, social skills and self-esteem.
  • Franklin Elementary partners with Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital to provide health education to our students through Win With Wellness. Students receive several educational assemblies throughout the year and earn prizes for physical activity. 

Family Link

Mason County Family Link is a collaborative initiative between Ludington Area Schools, Mason County Central, Mason County Eastern, Gateway to Success Academy, United Way of Mason County, West Michigan Community Mental Health System, Department of Health and Human Services, Northwest Michigan Health Services, Staircase Youth Services, West Shore Community College and Pennies from Heaven Foundation.

This initiative supports student achievement by bringing together a range of agencies to provide needed services and support.  It specifically includes staff that work on-site at  Ludington Area School District.

Community Schools Coordinator –  Provides coordinated access to health and human services within a school setting.

Site Team Clinician –  Provides strength based, child centered and family focused counseling to student and/or their families who are not eligible to receive services through the local mental health agency.

Department of Health and Human Services Success Coach – Provides social services to students and works with families to help and identify a plan for self-sufficiency.

 By bringing health and human services into the school building to serve children and families we can accomplish the following:

  • Increase support for students, families and schools;

  • Increase access to needed health and human services and other community supports

  • Promote opportunities that support students’ educational, social and emotional development; and redirect non-educational issues from the principals and teachers, so they can focus on educating children.

For more information contact Lynne Russell, Executive Director, United Way of Mason County at (231) 843-8593.