OJ Programs and Services

Student Support Programs and Services

We have several ways to support students when they find themselves struggling in one or more classes.  Our Student Assistance Team meets weekly to monitor student academic progress and adjustment and looks at historical and current data to determine what additional supports a particular student might need.  We use teacher and student input, historical grades/attendance/behavioral records, NWEA test scores, current course grades, parent perception, MEAP/M-Step assessment scores and other information to make an informed decision on the appropriate steps to take in supporting the student's academic success.  Here are several of the student supports we provide at O. J. DeJonge:

Literacy Lab Class:  We provide reading instruction designed to support those students currently reading below grade level, with the goal of helping them acquire the skills and strategies necessary to become active readers who are able to manage and learn from text in all content areas effectively.  

Math Lab Class:  This is a companion class to a student's regular math course and provides a student with an individualized program based on his or her particular needs.  We use the Math Recovery model to provide specific and targeted feedback on what content and skills have been mastered, almost acquired, and yet to be learned.  The intent of this course is to help students catch up to their grade level in math knowledge and skill.  

Extended Day Math Support:  otherwise known as "Math Help", this is an after-school, drop-in program for any student who would like some assistance with the day's math lesson and/or getting started on their homework.  Many students take advantage of this 45-minute session, offered Monday through Thursday, knowing that one of our math teachers will be on hand to assist them.  It doesn't matter if the teacher is not that particular student's teacher; each of our math instructors is fully able to assist all OJMS students with math concepts and skills.

Academic Mentoring:  we have several teachers who serve as Academic Mentors for small groups of students, typically 3-6, one to two days per week.  Although spaces are limited, we try to reserve mentoring spots for students who experience challenges in multiple curricular areas and who may have obstacles in life that will make it difficult for them to master the curriculum and be successful in school.  The mentor serves as a guide, advocate and tutor for the student, helping them acquire both academic and life skills, in the context of a caring relationship, that will help them be successful this year and beyond.

Family Link

The Ludington Family Link is an interagency partnership designed to help struggling families gain better access to community resources. Modeled after similar programs all across the state, this program has been proven to be highly beneficial to children and families. There are three main components to this resource:

1.  Ludington Schools has a school-based DHHS Eligibility Specialist.  Linda Dotson, a DHHS employee with a caseload made up entirely of LASD families  works out of her office located in Room 138 at OJ DeJonge Middle School. Families can contact Linda for help applying to DHHS for assistance, for information about community resources, or for questions about their case. Linda will be serving only Ludington families. Any Ludington Area School family can call her with questions, even if she is not your caseworker. In order to visit her at her office, please obtain a visitor badge through the OJ main office. You can also reach her by emailing  dotsonl@michigan.gov or calling (231) 852-3673. 

2.  An interagency core team meets to collaborate. This core team has representatives from every Ludington school as well as many area agencies to collaborate in helping LASD families with their needs. The purpose of these meetings is to increase our knowledge of services in the area and to better collaborate to make it easier for families to receive needed services.

3. You do not have to be receiving services from DHHS to get help from the Ludington Family Link.Individual families who need support accessing services or help can do so by contacting their school counselor or Linda Dotson directly. Families do not have to be receiving any type of assistance from DHHS to be eligible for help through the Ludington Family Link.