OJ Curriculum

The O.J. DeJonge Middle School faculty takes pride in the rigor and relevance of our curriculum.  All curricula meet the Michigan Department of Education’s Curriculum Guidelines called the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  We also believe in the National Middle School Association’s philosophy which includes teaching the four core academic areas: Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, while giving students time to explore other areas such as  visual and applied arts, music, physical education, technology and world languages.  These additional courses, while intertwined with the core subjects, help students find their special interests and aptitudes to direct their future coursework and career pathways.  Students participate in creating an EDP (educational development plan) during their seventh and eighth grade years to help guide them in selecting high school courses and lay the foundation for their future career goals.

The 2019-2020 OJ DeJonge Curriculum Guide and Course Catalog can be found here. 

6th Grade Required Classes                         
English Language Arts 6                    Mathematics 6        
Reading 6 (12 weeks)                         Science 6             
Social Studies 6                                   PE 6A  /Health 6 (6 weeks each)

6th Grade Electives
Art 6  (6 weeks)                                   PE 6B (6 weeks)
Exploring Woods 6 (6 weeks)           Swimming 6 (6 weeks)
Skills4Success 6 (6 weeks)                Technology 6 (12 weeks)
Choir 6 (12 weeks)                             Band 6 (2 trimesters) 
7th Grade Required Classes        
English Language Arts 7                     Mathematics 7 or Advanced Math 7                       
Social Studies 7                                    Science 7
PE 7 / Health 7 (6 weeks each)

7th Grade Electives   (All are trimester-long courses)
Swimming 7                          Choir 7
Technology 7                         Art 7             
Shop 7                                    STEAM 7     
Band 7 (3 trimesters)           Coding 7 

8th Grade Required Classes
English Language Arts 8                    Mathematics 8 or *Algebra    
*Earth Science                                     Social Studies 8
PE 8 / Health 8 (6 weeks each)

*Students who successfully complete these courses earn high school credit.

8th Grade Electives   (All are trimester-long courses)                        
Choir 8                                                 Pottery and Sculpture 8
Drawing and Painting 8                    Team Fitness 8 
Technology 8                                      Advanced Woods and Machine Woods 8
Drafting and Rocket Cars 8              STEAM 8
*Spanish IA                                        *Spanish IB
*French IA                                          *French IB
(*Students who successfully complete world language courses earn high school credit.)

Band 8 (3 Trimesters)
Band students choose two exploratory options from the list above.  Non-Band students choose five from the above list.