Student Drop-Off Process

We know that there is a lot of traffic congestion in the morning and that the drop-off can often be a difficult, slow-moving process to navigate.  We have been considering various ways to improve the situation, and will be making some changes that we think will make it better for everyone.  The changes are outlined below, as well as what drivers can do to make the changes effective.

First, we will be putting up a gate at the entry point to the auditorium parking lot in order to reduce the number of cars entering the pool parking lot.  People wishing to park in the auditorium lot will need to enter off of Anderson Street.  Second, we will be painting a “drop-off lane” near the building that we want cars to enter when dropping off students.  Third, we will be moving our drop-off sign further south, to encourage the first car to pull up to the sign, thus allowing more cars to get into the drop-off lane and let out their children en masse.  We are also adding more angled parking spots to the pool lot.  Finally, we will be using traffic cones to encourage cars to stay in the drop-off lane and not pull out to pass other cars.

What we need from those dropping off students: 

>>Please pull into the drop-off lane and remain in the lane until the cars in front of you pull out on their way to exit the lot.
>>If you are the first car in line, please pull all the way up to the drop-off sign before your child exits the car.
>>If you are in the drop-off lane, but not the closest car to the drop-off sign, please have your child exit the car.

In sum, we hope to have several cars dropping off their children at once, then several more pulling up and dropping off, etc….  We think cutting down on traffic in the lot with the addition of a gate, creating only one lane for drop-off and having many cars letting out students all at once will keep the drop-off lane moving quicker, as well as more safely.  Thank you for your help in making the morning drop-off safer and less frustrating for all!