A school within a school for the non-traditional student seeking a high school diploma with emphasis for career preparation and training through employment and internships opportunities.

VISION STATEMENT:  The Vision of the Oriole “Work-based Learning” Academy  is to provide students with the best possible “job-ready” high school completion program for students unable to attend the traditional public school system to obtain their diploma, explore career pathways and obtain knowledge and 21st century skills essential for today’s job market.

The level and degree of our success will be measured by our competent and skilled alumni workforce who enable business and industry to maintain the economic vitality and high quality of life associated with those living in the United States of America.

Orioles are rare because there are few in a crowd.  They are unmistakably ready for any task set before them in anticipation for the needs of today’s job market.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Oriole “Work-Based Learning” Academy will provide students with a unique blend of online and work-based learning experiences that promotes 21st century skills needed to be successful in today’s workforce.

We pledge to provide all students in our program with the critical skills necessary to become informed, productive citizens in the communities where they will live and work.

The mission of the young Oriole is to explore and gather all the facts and skills necessary to establish the traditions for building strong foundations for healthy and happy living.


All academy students should receive a letter the week of August 10th outlining procedures for scheduling fall classes.  Contact Mrs. Tomaski at 231-690-0922 to schedule a 15 minute discussion to get things started for fall by Thursday, August 20th.

New students to the academy need apply using the application attached (coming soon) or contacting the high school office 231-845-3880 by Thursday, August 20th.





*What school grades can qualify for the Oriole Academy?

Response:  grades 9 -12.

*Who should consider attending the Oriole Academy?

Response:  students who find it difficult to enroll in a daily, traditional class schedule due to medical conditions, family responsibilities, employment or other hardships. Students seeking "hands-on" training in work-based learning opportunities for career preparation.

*What is Work-based Learning?

Response:  the purpose of work-based learning is to use real work as the primary source of learning. The educational experience is coordinated through the school district, with the assistance of an employer, under the supervision of a occupationally certificated teacher or coordinator employed by the school.  These experiences may be paid or unpaid depending upon the placement requirements and skill level of the student.

*When/who decides the work-based learning placement for me?

Response:  not all students will be placed into a work-based learning environment when they begin.  It's a gradual process to ensure the placement is a good fit  for you and a good fit for hte business. Where the student fits on the Michigan WBL Continuum Model determines when you will be placed in a WBL experience.  There are four stages of work-based learning:  Career Awareness, Career Exploration, Career Training and Career Preparation (in that order).  Students begin with career excursions and field trips and proceed into  a vocational course and later the WBL experience.

*How many classes are required?

Response:  Each student is required to complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum courses including a Work-based Learning course per semester which accumulates to 20 credits in total. There are two semesters per school year.  Each semester requires five classes.

*What happens if I am unable to complete all the courses in time for graduation?

Response:  Summer school is an option.  It is our goal to make sure you are on track for graduation depending on total number of credits you've earned.

*What technology is required?

Response:  the student is provided with a device from the school to work with the online courses and receive other pieces of information required for communication between school and student.

*What deadlines or schedules must be followed?

Response:  students report to the academy once a week for announcement, work-based learning training and academic support.  Each session will begin at 11am and completed by 1:30pm. One day a week is designated as a make up day if you cannot attend on your normally scheduled day. 

*What if one day a week is not enough for help?

Response:  students may attend additional days of the week, as needed.  The Math Lab and tutors are also available for academy students to access as needed.

*How do I get started?

Response:  complete the application and submit or contact the high school office at (231)845-3880.