Supply List

All grades:

A box of #2 pencils

A large binder (Trapper Keeper style w/folders for each class)

2 black, extra fine pens for Social Studies

Erasers - one large /chunk eraser

A box of colored markers

A box of colored pencils


1 bottle of glue (for Science)

1 or 2 highlighters

Earbuds or headphones for iPad 

1 College Ruled Composition Notebooks (not spiral) (for Math)

1 Spiral bound 70-page notebook (for Science)




Fine tip black sharpies for Art


Recommended optional items:  

Spare charger or portable charger to keep at school 

Stylus for iPad


Appreciated Donations (for classroom, office, and library use)

Boxes of tissue

Antibacterial wipes


Hand sanitizer

Dry erase markers (both wide and fine tip)