Franklin PTC

PTC is a representative group of parents, teachers and interested community members who volunteer a tremendous amount of time and energy to help make Franklin Elementary the best it can be for our children.  This supportive group sponsors a variety of activities to provide extra materials for the classrooms and playground and schedules special assemblies that coordinate with our curriculum.

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2019-2020 PTC Officers
President               Carol Hubbard

Vice President       Barbie Eaton

Secretary                Charolotte Nickelson

Treasurer               Megan Martin

Meeting Dates 2019-2020
October 9th - 6:00
November 13th - 6:00
January 8th - 6:00
February 12th - 6:00
April 8th - 6:00
May 13th - 6:00
June 10 - 6:00

2018-2019 PTC Minutes

*Please note that this is a notification of a change in the Franklin PTC Bylaws.  These Bylaws will be reviewed at the October PTC meeting scheduled for October 12, 2016, 6:00 pm at Franklin Elementary School.

Franklin PTC Bylaws