Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports is a schoolwide system of support that include proactive strategies for defining, explicitly teaching, and positively reinforcing  expectations to make Franklin Elementary a great place for ALL students. 

Franklin's Little O's are expected to SOAR. 

For additional information on Franklin's behavioral expectations, please click here.  Your child will be learning about these expectations throughout the first couple of weeks and through Mission Mondays.  

Throughout the day, students who are displaying safety, outstanding respect, and responsibility will be given an O-Buck.  Throughout the week, students that have achieved the weekly mission will be give O-Bucks.  These O-Bucks can be spent at our school store during their assigned shopping time once a month.

Throughout the month, Franklin staff will be looking for Citizens of the Month.  Citizens of the Month are students that have demonstrated OUTSTANDING behavior and citizenship.  These individuals are then recognized at a monthly assembly.  

Our September Citizens of the Month are:

Blake Morgan
Claire Schumacher
Patrick Mendez
Lucy Kolanowski
Gio Lucero
Nadia Benedict 
Amiah Malone
Mark Teske
Brenna Dotson
Danny Alanis
Avra Bowman


Our October Citizens of the Month are:

Alaina Flanery

Khloe Malone

Mina Harley

Haylee Warners

Delilah Hubbard

Cole Haveman

McCoy Landes

Thalia Magtuba

Tommy Seng

Hadley Morgan


Our November Citizens of the Month are: 

Brady Bowman

Raelynn Lemire

Annabelle Lobo

James Cluck

GraceLynn Knowles

Makenzie Comstock

Lola Matson

Hestyn Stowe

Brielle Ashton

Vinny Schumacher

Harper Rasmussen


Our December Citizens of the Month are:

Emma Hart

Charlotte Newcomer

Liberty Mund

Addison Catonia

Lilyana Gomez

Matthias Jesberg

Landon Trevino

Alec Johnson

Katy Gable

Cameron Holmes

Addison Schipper