Lakeview Programs and Services

Services are available for students needing support to meet the state standards and benchmarks.  If you feel your child would benefit from one of the support programs listed below, please contact your child’s teacher for more information.

Reading Programs and Support

  • Lakeview's Literacy Partners provide a short-term intervention program for first grade students working below grade level in reading.  It enables these at-risk students to make accelerated progress during approximately 12-20 weeks of daily individualized 30-minute lessons.  The lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis and tailored to the needs of the individual child.
  • Lakeview's Title-I Program provides supplementary instruction to first and second grade students who are at risk of not meeting district core academic curriculum standards in reading.  Small groups of students meet daily for thirty minutes of targeted instruction in reading strategies to build independent, life-long readers.  Support for parents encouraging their young readers is provided as we work together toward student success in the area of literacy.
  • Literacy Groups provide structured support by working with small groups of students. They meet daily for 30 minutes for ELA enrichment time. Students are broken up into small instructional groups based on skill area and differentiated instruction is provided by 2 At Risk aides.

Math Programs and Services

  • Math Lab is a program designed to help children achieve success in math.  Math Lab promotes curriculum goals in a small group setting.  Skills are taught through games and other fun activities.  

Additional Programs and Services

  • Special education programs are available for students with special needs.  The Resource Program offers students with greater needs the opportunity to spend part of the day in a classroom setting with fewer students where they receive small group instruction in reading, writing, and math.
  • Our staff includes a special position funded through state aid at-risk money to help bridge the gap between home and school, building links to both our school and other community agencies.  Small education groups study areas such as, anger management, divorce, friendship, social skills and self-esteem.

Points of Pride

  • Lakeview's PTC (Parent-Teacher Committee) plays an active role in many aspects of the school programming.  Not only does the PTC provide funding for a variety of activities such as, the Charm Program and PBIS initiatives, they also sponsored many events and assemblies.  Students are treated to a carnival, birthday books, family nights and more.
  • Family Nights are offered during the school year. They are centered around the curriculum areas of reading and math with technology incorporated as well. Families are treated to theme-related refreshments, and they discover new ways to practice skills and help their students keep learning while at home.
  • Art teacher, Mrs. Kanine showcases an artist of the month which highlights the artwork of one student from each class.  This provides a wonderful display of student talent at the school entrance.
  • Lakeview School continues to utilize the philosophy and instructional strategies learned through the MiBliSi Grant, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative.  The purpose of this grant is to create a positive, safe learning environment in order to increase student success.  This is done through an initiative called Positive Behavior Support which entails expected behavior being modeled, reward systems, and consequences for not following the rules.
  • Lakeview has been awarded the "Green School" status each year since 2012-2013 and the staff works hard to educate students and families on how to take care of our environment.
  • The Star Student of the Month award celebrates two students from each class who are nominated for showing outstanding safety, respect, and responsibility throughout Lakeview Elementary.  These students are announced and honored during our morning assemblies.
  • Lakeview Elementary partners with Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital to provide health education to our students through Win With Wellness. Students receive several educational assemblies throughout the year and earn prizes for physical activity. 

Family Link

Now in its third year of operation, the Ludington Family Link is an interagency partnership designed to help struggling families gain better access to community resources. Modeled after similar programs all across the state, this program has been proven to be highly beneficial to children and families. There are three main components to this resource:

1.  Ludington Schools has a school-based DHS Eligibility Specialist.  Linda Dotson, a DHS employee with a caseload made up entirely of LASD families  works out of her office located in Room 138 at OJ DeJonge Middle School. Families can contact Linda for help applying to DHS for assistance, for information about community resources, or for questions about their case. Linda will be serving only Ludington families.   Any Ludington Area School family can call her with questions, even if she is not your caseworker. In order to visit her at her office, please park on the south end of the high school (off of Anderson St.). There is a sign and a buzzer there. If you ring the buzzer, Linda will let you in.  You can also reach her by emailing or calling (231) 852-3673. 

2.  An interagency core team meets to collaborate. This core team has representatives from every Ludington school as well as many area agencies to collaborate in helping LASD families with their needs. The purpose of these meetings is to increase our knowledge of services in the area and to better collaborate to make it easier for families to receive needed services.

3. You do not have to be receiving services from DHS to get help from the Ludington Family Link.Individual families who need support accessing services or help can do so by contacting their school counselor or Linda Dotson directly. Families do not have to be receiving any type of assistance from DHS to be eligible for help through the Ludington Family Link.