Centered Content

Centered Content is Hard to Scan

The page title should only be used 1 time on a page. Its purpose is to provide a useful title for the content on the page.  Following the page title you can use the Intro Text style.  This should only be used at the top of the page to provide a brief introduction to the content on the page.

Page Outline Approach

To make it easy for the site visitor to find information, use headings to outline the content on the page.  Proper user of Headers will allow the visitor to quickly review the content that is on the page to determine if they have found the information they are looking for.

Scanability - Left Justify Content

To make the page easy to scan - always left justify text and headers.  This keeps the eye from jumping back and forth on the page, making it much easier for the reader to absorb the information on the page.

Align Graphics / Photos

If you are adding  any visual graphics or photos and there will be more than one, left or right justify all the graphics/photos.  If you left justify some, and right justify others, you are breaking the scanability rule making the eye jump back and forth.