Financial Aid and Scholarship Information



Please note: Current year due dates will be found on each scholarship website. Scholarships are due approximately the same time each year. Many scholarships have a specific open period. If the link indicates not open or not available, you may try a search for that scholarship or look for an 'open' date.

Check the LHS announcements regularly through PowerSchool for scholarship opportunities that  are shared as we become aware of them. They are also added here  with a link (if applicable) and more information. Always check due dates.

LHS Common Application for Scholarships The due date for the LHS common application is  April 24, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. This form gets automatically "collected" when you hit submit at the end.  Once you do that, you will be able to go back and edit your responses until the due date when the form closes. Students are asked to submit a list of four references (2 from a school association and 2 from the community). Details on this process are in the LHS Common Application for Scholarships.

The Adam Murphy Memorial Scholarship 

Amount $1,000 one time award 

This scholarship seeks to honor the memory of Adam Murphy, a student of LHS and Ludington Area Catholic Schools known for his passion for learning, creative spirit, fierce intelligence and for being true to himself. This one-time award for a $1,000 will be given to an LHS senior graduate who is accepted and enrolled in a two or four year college or university and was a member of LHS Quiz Bowl team for at least two years. 

In the spirit of Quiz Bowl, this scholarship applications requires eligible candidates to answer a set of questions in addition to completing the LHS Common Application for School-Based Scholarships. Eligible candidates, after completing the Common App and all necessary documentations are submitted, will find requirements and the questions here.

Community Foundation for Mason County (CFFMC)

Successful completion of the CFFMC scholarship program will automatically activate candidacy for all available Foundation scholarship awards applicable to the scholar. Community Foundation Scholarships have their own application process and awards may be granted by an outside committee or in conjunction with the LHS Scholarship Committee.  Community Foundation for Mason County scholarships are subject to available funding. Specific scholarships and known criteria follow. Keep in mind that completing the CFFMC application process activates candidacy for any available awards.
The CFFMC Scholarship Application is due February 1st. Please visit the Community Foundation for Mason County website and click on scholarships to begin an application and to check for any updates or revisions to their award process.

These are some of the CFFMC sponsored awards for which you are automatically considered:

Merry E. Petersen Memorial Scholarship $500.00 

  • Mason County resident, graduate or past-graduate of any Mason County high school
  • Pursuing a nursing degree
  • Financial aid/needs will be considered

Knizacky Family Scholarship  Awards vary

  • Graduating senior who is a resident of Freesoil or has significant Freesoil connection
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA 
  • Will be attending any Michigan two or four-year college or university or vocational/technical school

Mason-Oceana-Manistee Board of Realtors Scholarship  Awards vary

  • Graduating senior from low to middle income resources
  • Minimum of 3.0- 3.75 range GPA 
  • Demonstrated leadership ability and/or community involvement

Marlene Schoenberger Scholarship  Awards vary

  • Mason County resident
  • Attending/Will attend University of Michigan to pursue Fine or Performing Arts degree 

Joe Lancour Memorial Scholarship  Awards vary

  • Graduating senior from LHS who is pursuing a degree in any Health/Medical Field
  • Minimum of 2.0 GPA 

Lee Shipman WSCC Scholarship  Awards vary

  • Mason County graduating senior attending WSCC admitted to an Engineering program
  • Academic achievement and financial need will be considered

Epworth Scholarship

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • financial need

Michael and Rebecca Magee Scholarship 

  • Graduating senior pursuing a degree or certification within the state of MI in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • Demonstrating financial need

Alberta Muzzin Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

  • Graduating senior who is attending WSCC
  • Demonstrate leadership ability, community involvement, and volunteer work
  • Preference to students who may not be eligible for academic scholarships

West Shore Community College Foundation Scholarship

  • Residents of Mason County attending WSCC

Other Local Scholarships

Applications for the following scholarships are done individually and local scholarship committees at each organization determine awards.  Individual community-based scholarship applications are available for download only. Click the orange links to download each form.  Each scholarship has different criterion and deadlines for application submission. Because specific dates are not available at this time for each application, it is highly recommended that candidates complete each application before the month in which it is historically due (usually March or April). The LHS Counseling Office does not maintain these scholarships, so please read each application carefully and adhere to all submission requirements. All awards are non-renewable, one-time awards unless otherwise stated.

Michigan Education Association Scholarship

For dependents of MEA member or retired member in good standing. See other criteria and fill out  the application at

Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation 

Due March. Student applicants are not required to have any Masonic affiliation. DO NOT follow submission instructions on application. Send completed application to Jim Frost, 111 Russell Rd., Scottville, MI 49454.

Carol Bennett Memorial Scholarship  

Due March. $1500    Must submit 1500 word maximum writing sample online using .doc format. Full details and application here.

Ludington Rotary Scholarship  

Due March Awards may vary
Two awards $1,000 Per Year/2 Years 

  • Attendance at Ludington High School for not less than one (1) year.
  • Cumulative High School GPA of 3.5 or Higher 
  • Demonstrated all-around abilities throughout high school.
  • Final selection determined after all candidates are interviewed by a panel of Rotarians 

Lee Drelles Memorial Scholarship  

Due the first Friday in May $1,000 one time award

  • LHS graduating senior
  • Awarded to inspire students to "inhabit the moment that is high school"
  • Hard copy of applications available in the LHS counseling office

Memorial Scholarship Fund Of Emanuel Lutheran Church  

Due early April  $750.00

  • Open to all high school graduates of Mason County
  • Residency in Mason County at least one year preceding the date of the award.

Sahlmark and Emanuel Lutheran Church 

Due early April

  • Open to high school graduates, those who have completed their GED., or those enrolled in college who are confirmed members of Emanuel Lutheran Church  
AAUW College Scholarship  

Due early April  of every year.

  • Graduate Of LHS
  • Attendance at a four-year college or university only (not community colleges)
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Click here for the application
Ludington Area Catholic Education Foundation Scholarship

Due early May $1000

  • A deserving full-time student, who has attended the final year available at Ludington Area Catholic School and/or participated in St. Simon Faith Formation and who has recently completed, or will complete, the senior year of high school and will pursue a post-secondary degree. Click here for the application.

Dr. Jennifer Branning Scholarship  

Due early April  $500.00

  • LHS Graduate
  • Planning a career in math-science field
  • Preference given to those interested in a health care field 
The Chamber Ludington & Scottville  Area Chamber Of Commerce   

Due March to Counseling Office  $500/semester for 2 semesters.  Click here for the application.

  • This scholarship may be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies and other expenses incurred for educational purposes and will be sent directly to the Financial Aid Office at West Shore Community College.

  • This scholarship will be awarded based on leadership and volunteer work both in the school and in the community. It is geared toward the student who may not be eligible for academic scholarships.

WSCC Scholarship 

When applications become available for the 2019-20 school year log on to, click on Students, click on myScholarship, click on scholarship application. Any questions, contact 231-843-5518. Must have applied to WSCC to access.

MASON COUNTY GARDEN CLUB SCHOLARSHIP ‚Äč$1000 Due April  The Mason County Garden Club has the following Mission: To stimulate a knowledge and love of gardening and good horticultural practices, landscape and floral design, and to encourage the protection of our environment and conservation of our natural resources. With that mission in mind, we would like to offer a $1000 scholarship to someone pursuing a degree or certification in a related field. Print the application at here or get a hard copy in the counseling office.

Mason County Democratic Party Scholarship $500 Due May  Submit a 500 word essay on the topic indicated in the application. Winning essay to be published in the Ludington Daily News. Send essays to  Mason County Democratic Chair, PO Box 205 Ludington, MI 49431. More information here

Mason County 4-H Scholarships

Due May  $700 This Scholarship and 4-H participant support is offered in memory of the life and accomplishments of Rose and Elmer Peterson as they served as examples of 4-H leadership in Mason County. Their interests in conservation and resource preservation are a cornerstone of their legacy. Must be an active member of Mason County 4-H. Provide a 4-H portfolio. More information and application here.

Due May $500 This scholarship exists for the purpose of stimulating a greater interest in 4-H and providing an opportunity for a student to pursue a post high school educational program and enable such a person to find a greater satisfaction in his/her vocational endeavors. Must be a Mason County resident and member of 4-H for all four years of high school.  More information and application here.