Ludington Early Childhood Center Curriculum



The LAS 4 Year old and our GSRP preschool programs  will both follow the Connect4Learning curriculum.    It is a program designed to prepare the preschooler for a Kindergarten classroom in developmentally appropriate ways using the latest research on learning and teaching across four domains:

  • Connected Science Experiences
  • Engaging Math
  • Authentic Literacy
  • Social-Emotional Development for all Learners

For more information and to learn more feel free to visit Connect4Learning at 


Want more info:  Feel free to check out our Parent Info below! If you have any questions, please feel free to call, we'd be happy to discuss further!  C4L Parent Information Guide.pdf



LAS 3 is a program designed specifically to engage and welcome our three year olds to the classroom.  Please see the outline below of what our friends will accomplish throughout the year!




pmecc 3 yr old pg 1

pmecc 3 year old pg 2