Ludington Early Childhood Center Parent School Organization

Parent School Organization (PSO)

TheLECC has a PSO which is an organization of parents and staff working together to benefit children attending preschool.   We provide assemblies, parent nights, and other activities.  We also raise money to purchase new items for classrooms and the playground.


The objectives of the PSO are:

1.  To enrich the lives of children in home, school, and community

2.  To encourage a positive home life for children

3.  To encourage communication between LECC, teachers, and parents

4.  To provide feedback and support for Ludington Area Schools' teachers and staff


President:  Kaila VanLoon

Vice President:  Emily Thomas

Secretary: April Linke

Treasurer:  Joy Martinez

 Childcare will be provided for those attending PSO meetings.


Virtual Meetings!!!!