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Full-time Guidance Counselor position available for the 2020-2021 school year at O.J . DeJonge Middle School (grades 6-8) in Ludington, Michigan. Current Michigan secondary teaching certificate with a NT (Guidance Counselor) endorsement required. Experience working with adolescents preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with school administration in the development of the master schedule and individual student schedules;
  • Oversee the Student Assistance Team process;
  • Coordinate the process of developing Educational Development Plans (EDPs) for students using the district-approved platform (Xello); 
  • Facilitate Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III supports within a system of comprehensive counseling services designed to provide all students with socioemotional and academic supports; 
  • Exhibit the ability to collaborate within Professional Learning Communities;
  • Communicate with all stakeholders regarding student success.

Additional Qualifications: The qualified candidate should skillfully demonstrate the following competencies:

  • The strong desire and ability to build meaningful, caring relationships with students in order to exert academic press and influence;
  • The skill and willingness to leverage the ASCD Whole Child model to ensure that students’ social, emotional, nutritional and health needs are addressed;
  • The ability to integrate 21st Century competencies such as technology literacy, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, goal setting, ethical citizenship, and personal accountability across all settings;
  • The capacity to rigorously create and sustain a well- orchestrated system of ongoing data collection and analysis to inform a continuously responsive and adaptive system of tiered supports attentive to student’s specific academic needs.

Required Professional Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree (or higher) in Education
  • Valid Michigan Teaching Certificate (NT endorsement) 
  • Valid state licensing to meet Highly Qualified requirements

Apply in writing with a letter of interest, copies of certification, transcripts and three letters of recommendation to Mr. Michael Hart, Principal, OJ DeJonge Middle School, Ludington Area School District, 809 East Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431 by 4 PM Friday, February 14, 2020. Application materials should be submitted as one (1) PDF attachment to: mhart@lasd.net.


Schedule B Position 2019-2020 School Year

Varsity Girls Track Coach
Varsity Boys Baseball Coach

Apply in writing, include three letters of recommendation and resume to Randy Fountain, Athletic Director, Ludington Area Schools, 809 East Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431 or email rfountain@lasd.net.



Support Staff and Substitute Support Staff Opportunities

Franklin Aide 6.0 Hours (Temporary Position through the end of 2019/2020 School Year)

Hours per school day, must be Highly Qualified. Duties include: working with students on goal setting; managing goal setting tasks and coordinating with classroom teachers to support classroom work based on individual student data; other duties as assigned based on student needs. Student supervision during lunch, recess and bus time. Apply in writing to Katie Eisinger, Franklin Principal, Ludington Area Schools, 809 E Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431 or by email: keisinger@lasd.net.

Foster Aide 6.0 Hours

6.0 hours per school day. Title I 3.0 hours - Highly qualified.  Able to communicate effectively with math and reading teachers. Student supervision 3.0 hours, Morning crossing guard at Foster and Washington. Recess supervision. Tentative Hours 7:30-8:10, 10:20-10:45, 11:55-1:15, 1:40-2:20. Other duties as assigned. Apply in writing to Brian Dotson, Principal, Foster Elementary School, Ludington Area Schools, 809 E Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431 or by email: bdotson@lasd.net.

Foster Aide 6.0 Hours

Hours per school day. Must be Highly Qualified and CPI trained. Duties will include assisting student to stay on task and redirect attention when needed. Special attention may need to be provided during non-academic activities such as recess, lunch and transition times. Apply in writing to Brian Dotson at Foster Elementary School, 809 E. Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431 or via email bdotson@lasd.net. 


Foster Aide 6.0 Hours

Title I: 3.25 hrs. Must be highly qualified, work primarily on math and reading skills. Able to communicate effectively with math and reading teachers. Student Supervision: 2.75 hrs. Supervise students - Clean Lunch Tables, Parent Pickup, Recess Tentative Hours - 7:40-8:10, 8:20-9:20, 9:30-10:15, 10:40-12:50, 1:10-3:45. Must also have 4 hours of food service professional training yearly.

Ludington High School Food Service Aide  6.0 hour Position

Hours per school day. Must be ServSafe certified and able to lift up to 50 pounds. Point of service register training is required as well as annual  professional development. Apply in writing to Mrs. Donna Garrow, Food Service Supervisor, Ludington Area Schools, 809 E Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431 or by email: dgarrow@lasd.net.   **Posting will remain open until position has been filled.




Bus Drivers

Substitute Bus Driver Openings
For more information on substitute bus driving opportunities please call Ms. Deb Wilsey, Transportation Supervisor,  231-845-3890 or email dwilsey@lasd.net.


Food Service 

Child Nutrition Program Substitute Openings
For more information on substitute opportunities in the Child Nutrition Center please call Mrs. Donna Garrow, Child Nutrition Program Supervisor, Ludington Area School District, 809 E. Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI  49431 at 231-845-7303 extension 2041 or email dgarrow@lasd.net

For more information on substituting for support staff positions please call Mary Marble, Personnel Specialist, Ludington Area School District, 809 E. Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, MI  49431 at 231-845-7303 extension 2831 or email mmarble@lasd.net.



**Postings will remain open until positions have been filled.

Information for Substitute Teachers

Please visit EDUStaff or call EDUStaff at 877-974-6338
Thank you for your interest in Ludington Area Schools! The Ludington Area School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, age, religion, sex, height, weight, marital status, or disabling condition. The Ludington Board of Education has adopted policies which support the regulations of Title VI, Title IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974.

The use or possession of marijuana is prohibited for all school-related off-campus business or events. This prohibition includes volunteers, substitutes, and company representatives while working on behalf of Ludington Area Schools.

Marijuana use remains illegal and fully criminalized according to federal law, and Ludington Area Schools is subject to the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989. In addition, our Board Policy prohibits the unlawful use or possession of controlled substances, illicit drugs, and alcohol on school property.

Employees and students who violate this policy prohibiting the use or possession of illegal drugs while on school district property will continue to be subject to legal and disciplinary action.