Oriole Giving Tree Project

Giving Tree LogoWe believe that the success of a community centers around its children.  For this reason, it is important that the students of Ludington Area Schools have their basic needs met so that they are able to come to school ready to learn.  School district employees continually work with area agencies to lend support to families.

The holiday season can be a particularly stressful time for some.  Students can become increasingly aware of the inequities amongst their peers and the stressors within their homes, thus affecting performance in the classroom.  Recognizing the need for more sources of support, Ludington Area Schools started a program called “The Giving Tree” in order to assist a greater number of people during the holidays. Originally, each building ran its own program, in a variety of ways. Experience has proven that it is more efficient and productive to combine the buildings’ efforts.  The program has relied on donations that enable families to shop for their own individual needs.

All building based programs use staff time and resources in order to be successful.  A group of parents, educators and friends has formed to create annual fundraising events for this project in order to make it self-sustaining and to take the burden off of the school staff. Our goal is to assist families in meeting their needs during the holiday season for years to come through a variety of projects.

John Dewey said, “What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all its children.”  We want all of our Ludington Orioles to soar! Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Giving Tree Cookbook Cover

This amazing cookbook is a collection of recipes from Ludington Orioles and their friends, near and far. There are even some celebrity contributions! It is made all the more special by the beautiful artwork of LHS student Julia Reed.   All sales go to supporting Oriole students and their families during the holiday season.
Cookbook $25
shipping and handling $7
for further information contact oriolegivingtree@gmail.com

The Oriole Giving Tree Committee
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