Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out an ICHAT form before volunteering at LASD schools. A drivers license must accompany all forms.

That form is located here. 

Ludington Elementary

Course: 3rd Grade OSCAR Reading Program
Teachers: Third Grade Teachers
Best contact info: tforfinski@lasd.net

Description: 3rd grade students read with community members in a one-on-one setting. We are looking for interested mentors that are willing to listen and read with 3rd grade students.  iChat background check is required for participation. If interested contact Trish Forfinski for more information.

OJ DeJonge Middle School

Contact: Mike Hart
Best contact info:  mhart@lasd.net; Grade level:  6th-8th

After-School Tech Wizards Mentors:  work with a group of four students on STEM-related activities under the guidance of MSU Extension Office personnel who are on site.  Will meet once a week at OJMS to do fun projects involving technology, robotics, engineering and related subjects.  Extensive training is provided and other mentors and the program supervisor are on site during the activities.

Contact: Mike Hart
Best contact info:  mhart@lasd.net; Grade level:  6th-8th

After-School Tutors: work with students in any one or more of the core areas--math, reading, writing, science or social studies. Tutoring will entail providing assistance with homework, projects and test preparation.

Contact: Lynette Keillor
Best contact info:  lkeillor@lasd.net; Grade level:  8th

Employability Skills Speaker: speak with classes regarding the importance of attendance, work ethic and the "soft skills" that are necessary for success in today's workplaces.

Ludington High School

Contact: Steve Forsberg
Best contact info:  sforsberg@lasd.net

Teachers at LHS are always looking for career-oriented guest speakers from business and industry. We have had presentations in the past from almost every academic and technical field.