Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out an ICHAT form before volunteering at LASD schools.

That form is located here.


Pere Marquette Early Childhood Center

Tricia Hale (thale@lasd.net) @PMECC- 4-year-olds-15- 30 minutes

A Farmer to share about planting and how it can help the community. Maybe incorporate the community garden downtown.

A librarian to talk about all of the programs offered at the children's library here in town and the importance of reading.

Courtney Walters (cwalters@lasd.net) at PMECC- 3-year-olds 15-30 minutes

A veterinarian to talk about what they do as a vet and why the job is important.  Talk about daily routine and what types of animals they work on.  Have they ever saved an animal?  Share stories and encourage students to take care of animals.

A police officer to share about all of the positive things officers do for a community in hopes to help those students who are afraid of officers at this time.

A dentist to talk about personal hygiene and why it is important to take care of teeth.

A farmer to talk about daily life on a farm, how hard it is, and why farming is so important.  Talk about  where the produce and meats come from that their families buy at the store.

Sarah Cooper (scooper@wsesd.org) @PMECC - 4-year-olds- 15-20 minutes

A children's author/illustrator to share about the process of writing and publishing a book from the idea phase to the final production.  Bring examples of books that they have written.

An artist (potter, painter, quilter) to share about their medium and provide ideas for experiences for preschoolers.

Lakeview Elementary 

Teacher Contact:  Alan Albrecht
Best contact info:  aalbrecht@lasd.net
Grade/Course: Kindergarten

We are looking for some reading buddies that work in our community who might be interested in reading with our kindergarten students. Possible community members may include, firefighters, doctors, police officers, coast guard members, etc...

Teacher Contact:  Chaz Dila
Best contact info:  cdila@lasd.net
Grade/Course: 1st Grade Science

We are looking for some local scientists that would be interested in helping our first grade students learn how they use changing states of matter in their everyday work. We are specifically looking for a scientist that would be willing to speak to our students possibly demonstrate this application.

Teacher Contact:  Sarah O’Connor
Best contact info:  soconnor@lasd.net
Grade/Course: 1st Grade Social Studies

We are looking for some local police officers that would be interested in coming in to speak about the analogy of rules in school and the community. They could address safety as well as services they provide and clarify that law enforcement is there to help us.

Idea:  Local weather expert
Teacher: Cindy Jarvie
Best contact info: cjarvie@lasd.net
Course/Grade: 1st Grade - Science

We are looking for an individual that takes weather related measurements and conveys those measurements to a regional or national organization.  Our students would be very interested to learn and see what tools are used to conduct these measurements.  Additionally, we would like for them to learn what is unique about our local weather.

Franklin Elementary 

Second grade
Best contact info:  jjackoviak@lasd.net

We are looking for a local writer to inspire the inner writer of Franklin second grade students.  We would like the the writer to:  answer lots of questions, give examples of struggles and successes within writing, and share the deciding factor that made you want to become a writer.  The writer might speak to the need of creativity, the importance of writing conventions, revision, and the power of style and voice.  

Teacher:  Heidi Urka
First grade
Best contact info:  hurka@lasd.net

We are looking for a meteorologist, or someone who does weather reporting to the National Weather Service.  We would like the presenter to explain to our first graders the types of instruments that are used to gather data, what data is gathered, and how and why that information is important to the general public.

Teacher:  Melissa Ruboyianes
Best contact info:  mruboyianes@lasd.net

We are looking for a local scientist to inspire the inquisitive kindergarten student.  We would like the the scientist to:  answer lots of questions and talk about the process they go through when gathering new information in regards to a scientific topic. The scientist may speak about using their five senses to learn through observation and how they record and document their observations.  

Foster Elementary

Course: 5th Grade Lung Dissection-Science
5th Grade Teachers:  Geri Fellows and Sue Vengen
Best contact info: gfellows@lasd.net or svengen@lasd.net

Description: Students will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of body systems in science.  We are looking for a  medical doctor to volunteer and present information on the function of the respiratory system. Students will then dissect a pig lung and heart generously donated by Sanders Meats. iChat background check is required. 

Course: 3rd Grade OSCAR Reading Program
Teachers: Third Grade Teachers
Best contact info:bdotson@lasd.net

Description: 3rd grade students read with community members in a one-on-one setting. We are looking for interested mentors that are willing to listen and read with 3rd grade students.  iChat background check is required for participation. If interested contact Judith-Hope Bates for more information.

OJ DeJonge Middle School

Contact: Mike Hart
Best contact info:  mhart@lasd.net; Grade level:  6th-8th

After-School Tech Wizards Mentors:  work with a group of four students on STEM-related activities under the guidance of MSU Extension Office personnel who are on site.  Will meet once a week at OJMS to do fun projects involving technology, robotics, engineering and related subjects.  Extensive training is provided and other mentors and the program supervisor are on site during the activities.

Contact: Mike Hart
Best contact info:  mhart@lasd.net; Grade level:  6th-8th

After-School Tutors: work with students in any one or more of the core areas--math, reading, writing, science or social studies. Tutoring will entail providing assistance with homework, projects and test preparation.

Contact: Lynette Keillor
Best contact info:  lkeillor@lasd.net; Grade level:  8th

Employability Skills Speaker: speak with classes regarding the importance of attendance, work ethic and the "soft skills" that are necessary for success in today's workplaces.

Ludington High School

Teachers at LHS are always looking for career-oriented guest speakers from business and industry. We have had presentations in the past from almost every academic and technical field. If interested, contact assistant principal Dan Mesyar at 231.845-3880 or at dmesyar@lasd.net