Bus Rules

  1. Co-operate with the driver & show respect.
  2. The bus driver IS authorized to assign seats.
  3. Observe classroom conduct.
  4. Be courteous; use no profane or vulgar language or obscene gestures.
  5. Talk in a normal tone of voice.  
  6. Do not fight, push, shove, spit or bite.
  7. Keep hands and feet to yourself and inside the bus.
  8. Do not litter on the bus or out of the bus windows.
  9. Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  10. Do not take photos or video record with cell phones or iPads on the bus.
  11. Do not tamper/damage/vandalize the bus or its equipment.
  12. Stay out of aisle; remain in your seat facing forward.
  13. Do not bring animals, glass, flammable or explosive material on the bus.
  14. Do not bring illegal/dangerous substances/weapons on the bus.
  15. Please keep the bus clean, sanitary, orderly and safe.

In addition to the above rules, these special Covid-19 rules will apply for the foreseeable future.


All students must sanitize their hands as they enter the bus.

All students will be assigned seats.*

All siblings will be required to sit together.*

All students must wear a face mask to ride the bus.*

Students will not be allowed to ride other buses home with other students. NO BUS PASSES WILL BE ISSUED.*

Transfer students between elementary schools will ride bus assigned - no exceptions.

Parents must do a temperature and wellness check on their students prior to our arrival.*

Any student(s) showing signs of sickness will be sent home. (If parent sent student(s) to bus stop even though they are ill, the student will need to be seated in a designated area until they arrive at school)

If a student does not ride for 3 days they will be removed from the bus route. Parents will need to reregister their student(s) for busing. Students will be placed back on the bus if/when space is available. It's imperative that parents keep the bus garage informed if their student is ill, on vacation, etc.  

Bus rules will be strictly enforced and students will lose their right to ride for the remainder of the school year if they do not comply.  No exceptions, this is for the safety of all students/drivers.* (see rules below)

OJ/LHS student walk zone is increased to 2.5 miles of the school. 


Franklin/Lakeview/Foster walk zone is 1 mile.

Franklin & Lakeview students who live south of Ludington Avenue will be transported.

Foster students who live north of Ludington Avenue will be transported.

Line items marked with * will not be enforced when we move into Phase 5.